Additional Appointment Info

The Appointment: What to Know

All appointments are 30 minutes long. Appointments may start on the hour or half hour, but they may also start at 15 or 45 after the hour. This variance in start times helps you fit the appointments into your busy schedule more easily. However, no matter what time the appointment starts, it lasts 30 minutes. 

If you need to cancel an appointment or if you're going to be late to an appointment, please contact our front desk at 404-385-3612. The Center Assistant can cancel or reschedule the appointment for you. Remember - appointments are free. However, we have limited resources for serving many students across campus. If you miss a scheduled appointment without canceling, you will be charged $15.

Before the Appointment

Since appointments are 30 minutes long, time is of the essence.

Make sure to have any files needed for the session either ready to print or present on our projector. If you're bringing a digital document, we prefer having the file on a flash drive.

For short papers, we have printers for us to print your paper.

If you are working on a group presentation and would like to meet for a full hour, please contact Brandy Blake and explain your group's needs.

After the Appointment 

We ask that you visit only once per week. In select cases, however, a second visit may be necessary. Consult with your tutor.

Resources for Non-Native Speakers

If you are in need of additional assistance with English Language communication skills, take a look at the Language Institute's resource page for ELL academic writing.

Reserving Rehearsal Rooms 

The rehearsal rooms can be used in conjunction with your tutoring appointment.

The rooms can be reserved by students at Georgia Tech's Reservation System.