Natalie Zukerman


As an undergraduate student, I am pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering. I was raised in New York City which fostered my appreciation for the man-made concrete jungle I grew up in. The skyscrapers that swayed with the wind and the massive, suspended George Washington Bridge seemed to defy my intuitive understanding of natural limitations. I knew from a young age that I wanted to learn how to design structures that bridged the gaps that nature couldn’t. However, until I can make that lasting imprint on society, I have found that consulting at the Communication Center fulfills my aspirations of improving the world one person at a time. I love tailoring my approach to each student’s needs. When one of my students experiences a breakthrough, it never fails to make my day. I hope to continue to help others after I graduate and improve society in my role as a civil engineer.

Natalie with a model of the Starship Enterprise