Rehearsal Rooms

Our Rehearsal Rooms, each modeled after conference rooms from different tech companies, are a unique feature of our space.  These rooms are not study rooms, but are reserved for those using the space to rehearse or present. Read more about their various features and our policies below or learn more about how to reserve them.

IBM Room (Clough 441)
Interior of IBM room in CULC
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Mackenzie Room (Clough 443)
Interior of Mackenzie room in CULC
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Ben and Jerry’s/Greenscreen Room (Clough 448)
Interior of Ben and Jerry’s/ Greenscreen room in CULC
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Google Room (Clough 450)
Interior of Google room in CULC
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The Beck Room

We also house Georgia Tech Library's Lewis H. Beck Multi-Purpose Room. The room can accommodate teleconferencing, professional audio recording, and presentation rehearsal. The room is equipped with an Mbox Pro audio interface, Yamaha HS80M reference speakers, acoustical paneling, and Mondopad touchscreen teleconference system. The room is reservable via email

For More Information:

​For more information regarding reserving a rehearsal room, click here.

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For more information on rehearsal room technology, click here.