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Robert Griffin, PhD

ESL/ELL Specialist

I have enjoyed all matters international since leaving my hometown of San Diego to live in a village near Lucerne, Switzerland where I attended high school, learned Swiss-German and overcame a fear of heights in the Alps. My encounters with people from different cultures have led me to experience unique situations such as freezing with friends on a barren Swiss ski slope on New Year’s Eve, haggling for a Persian carpet in a Moroccan Bazaar and socializing with colleagues in broken Spanish in Santiago de Cuba. Such experiences laid the foundation for my interest in second language acquisition and the completion of my Ph.D. in Linguistics at Indiana University. My research focuses on issues related to phonological awareness, interlanguage pragmatics and the discourse of written feedback between instructor and student. I have taught English language learners and teachers from around the globe and I am pleased to assist students with their language needs as a member of the Communication Center at Georgia Tech.