Assistant Co-Director
headshot of Assistant Director, Jeffrey Howard

In 2017, I earned my PhD from Idaho State University in English and the Teaching of English, but my interests are far-ranging and always expanding. I was once what they call an "18th-Centuryist," but I am so much more than that. Before answering the call of academia, I worked for my dad, an Idaho dairy farmer, and as a result I possess an inordinate amount of knowledge about Jersey cows. In fact, when I was six, I sat on the root of an ailanthus tree, eating a thick peanut butter sandwich as I watched a veterinarian surgically remove a roofing nail and a piece of wire from a cow's bowel, and when I turned fourteen, I was finally tall enough to help birth a calf for the first time. Now, you might be asking yourself, "What do these stories have to do with helping students write better?" Well, come on in and find out for yourself.