Workshops provide specific instruction on a variety of topics, from visual rhetoric to job application materials to writing reports. The workshops range in length and are scheduled at various intervals throughout the year. Each workshop offered is conducted by a trained expert in communication. In a variety of instances, the Communication Center also partners with on-campus schools and groups to conduct workshops. 

Fall 2019 Workshops


Personal Statements

September 26, 11am-12pm, Student Success Center, President Suite D; October 9, 4-5pm, Student Success Center, President Suite A

What is a personal statement? What should it accomplish? Who is its intended audience? This workshop will introduce participants to the genre of the personal statement, as well as describe several dos and don't, in the context of graduate school applications. Participants will also collaboratively brainstorm in preparation for writing personal statements of their own. Offered in partnership with the Center for Career Discovery and Development and GT Pre-Graduate Advising.

Pitching Your Work to the Public - Phase 1: Break It Down

October 2, 5-6pm, Naugle CommLab (CULC 447)

Are you a graduate student? Have you ever tried to explain your research to audiences outside of your field? This graduate-focused workshop presents attendees with strategies for bridging the gap between your research and general audiences. ​(Fulfills Graduate Communication Certificate Program requirements)

Personal Statement Boot Camp

October 3, 5-8pm, Student Success Center, President Suites C&D; October 22 5-8pm, Student Success Center, Piedmont Room

Having trouble getting starting or finishing your graduate school statement of purpose? Come write in a facilitated work session with communication professionals. Registration is required. You are expected to stay for the entire 3-hour session. Dinner is provided. Sign up by October 1 ( or October 20 (

Three Minute Thesis Competition

October 8, 3-4pm, Naugle CommLab (CULC 447)

Participating in GA Tech's annual 3MT competition for graduate students? Learn tips drawn from winning presentations and workshop your own with consultants at the Naugle CommLab.

Literature Reviews

October 21, 11am-12pm, Naugle CommLab (CULC 447)

A literature review is a central compenent of academic research. Learn how to summarize and convey ongoing scholarly conversations within different genres of academic communication. (Fulfills Graduate Communication Certificate Program requirements)

Creating a Research Poster

November 4, 3-4pm, Naugle CommLab (CULC 447)

A poster presentation requires very specific features in order to be most effective. This workshop provides attendees with strategies and tips to make their next poster presentation one of the strongest they've ever given. (Fulfills Graduate Communication Certificate Program requirements)

Pitching Your Work to the Public - Phase 2: Be Flexible

November 14, 3-4pm, Naugle CommLab (CULC 447)

As a researcher, you'll often need to describe your work and its value to audiences that vary dramatically in specialization, interests, and values. Through demonstrations and games, this workshop will offer opportunities to practice framing your research in multiple contexts. (Fulfills Graduate Communication Certificate Program requirements)

Fall 2019 Workshops for Multilingual and International Students

(These workshops fulfill Graduate Communication Certificate Program requirements.)

Dr. Robert Griffin offers the following workshops for multilingual students looking to improve various elements of their communication in the English language.

Using English Appropriately, Pragmatics for International Grad Students: Sept. 23, 12-1 pm Naugle CommLab (CULC 447)

How to Speak More Clearly: October 9, 10-11am, Naugle CommLab (CULC 447)

Tips for Better Writing for Multilingual Students: October 15, 10-11am, Naugle CommLab (CULC 447)

Using English Appropriately, Pragmatics for International Grad Students: October 22, 5-6pm Naugle CommLab (CULC 447)

Tips for Better Writing for Multilingual Students: October 28, 5-6pm, Naugle CommLab (CULC 447)

How to Speak More Clearly: October 29, 5-6pm, Naugle CommLab (CULC 447)

Tips for Better Writing for Multilingual Students: November 4, 5-6pm, Naugle CommLab (CULC 447)

How to Speak More Clearly: November 18, 5-6pm, Naugle CommLab (CULC 447)

Using English Appropriately, Pragmatics for International Grad Students: November 19, 5-6pm Naugle CommLab (CULC 447)

Tips for Better Writing for Multilingual Students: December 3, 10-11am, Naugle CommLab (CULC 447)